Chinese Zen Waterfall Music for Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit

Relax and unwind to this beautiful sounds of Chinese Zen waterfall music. Peaceful Zen vibes for the balance of mind, body, and spirit. These tranquil waterfall sounds, combined with calming Chinese instrumental tones and melodies will help transcend your thoughts to a peaceful Zen state of mind. The sounds of waterfalls will wash away your worries, leaving your body feeling relaxed and at peace. This blissful Chinese Zen music with waterfall sounds will take your spirit on a journey of inner-peace and self-reflection, allowing you to let go of all your current concerns and be at one with yourself in the moment of now.

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Suggested visualization or meditation: 

While you listen contently to this deeply peaceful Zen Music, imagine that you are sitting comfortably next to a beautiful majestic waterfall, far away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, far away from your current situation. You are completely secure and safe in this restful place, with only the warmth of the sun and the sounds of nature to keep you company. Nothing else matters but how you feel in this moment. Your thoughts roll off you, like leaves rolling off the edge of a waterfall, falling away into the depths of the water below, impossible to hold on to, as they twist and turn in the current, till inevitably they break free and are pulled away, taken on a journey with the flow of the water, cradled and caressed by the waters surface, as they float peacefully away into the distance of your mind.
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This Chinese Zen Music has been adapted & remixed from the following source:
Healing by Kevin MacLeod. 'Eastminster' is licensed: CC BY 4.0

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