Whales Singing With Sounds Of Underwater Diving Bubbles

Relax to the sounds of whales singing in the sea with soothing underwater diving bubbles. Perfect ocean sounds for rest, relaxation & sleep. Dive into the depths of your imagination with these beautiful creatures, let each healing note penetrate your body & soul. These whale sounds & underwater diving bubbles have been combined with some really beautiful whale pictures, that go perfectly with these healing ocean melodies. Let all your worries float away with each rising air bubble, as you listen contently to the healing songs of whales. 

Listen to the whales singing to you majestically in the ocean. Picture yourself diving with them underwater as they serenade each other in the depths of the deep blue sea. Their voices traveling through space & time, reaching out into infinity, lifting your spirit and taking your soul on a beautiful journey of self-discovery & healing.

The relaxing ocean sounds of whales singing in the sea will melt into your very being, healing all your worries, doubts & fears. The sounds of singing whales & soothing underwater diving bubbles will have a profound effect upon your mind, helping you release yourself from negative thought patterns, which will, in turn, help clear space for more positive healing thoughts to take root. The whale sounds & underwater diving bubbles will melt away all your worries, stress & anxiety leaving your body & mind feeling refreshed & rejuvenated.

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Whale Photos by Christopher Michel: Photo Source
Photos licensed under Creative Commons attribution license: CC BY 2.0

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