Binaural & Tribal Beats - Kundalini Chakra Meditation Music

Realign with your tribal self & raise your vibrations with this powerful binaural & tribal beats music. The binaural beats 4.5 Hz have been combined with progressive tribal drum beats for a powerful meditative experience. The colorful Chakra animation is an excellent visual aid for Kundalini Chakra meditation & the tribal beats are perfect for the Kundalini yoga breath: 'Breath Of Fire'. The drum beats have a very tribal, almost native American feel to them. These beats will help to stimulate energy within the lower three Chakras. The person meditating would then need to focus on the energy and then use the visualization & their breath, to help move this energy up through their seven Chakra points and out the top of their head. They would then imagine pure white energy pouring down on them from the heavens, back through each of the seven Chakras points and down into the center of the earth. I have deliberately added the colorful Chakra animation to assist the mediator with visualizing this Chakra energy cycle.    

The binaural & tribal beats can also be complemented with various Kundalini yoga poses or exercises, especially if combined with the Kundalini: 'Breath Of Fire'. The rhythmic sounds within the drum beats can easily be used in time with the breath of fire to help create a powerful Kundalini, Self-healing, Spiritual or Tantric experience. 

The binaural beats 4.5 Hz will help quieten the mind and make the mediator more susceptible to the Chakra visualization & Tribal Beats, helping them to have more of a profound effect upon the listener. 

As well as being great for Kundalini Chakra meditation, these beats are perfect for getting in touch with your tribal side too. So if chakra meditation is not your thing, then just listening to these beats in the background will have a profound effect on your tribal self. The binaural beats are also excellent for sleeping, especially if you're finding it hard to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

If you are new to Chakra healing and would like to know more about the different Chakra points, please click on the following link for more information:

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These binaural & tribal beats have been adapted & remixed from the following source: Navajo Night by Audionautix Music. 'Navajo Night' is licensed: CC BY 4.0.

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