Peaceful Harp Music - Enchanted Forest With Fairies & Unicorns

Relax & unwind to the mythical sounds of enchanting harp & magical atmospheric music. This peaceful harp music has been combined with many beautiful enchanted forest pictures of fairies, unicorns & other mythical creatures. This beautiful harp music will cast a magical spell on the listener allowing them to drift away into a peaceful enchanted dream of myth & magic. Let the beautiful fairies, majestic unicorns & mythical fantasy creatures, take you on a magical journey into the depths of your imagination.

The peaceful harp music with enchanted forest theme is perfect for rest, relaxation & daydreaming. Let go of all your worries & let the world of fantasy & imagination take hold. Imagine riding through the forest on the back of a beautiful unicorn, or breath in the fresh magical air as you sit for a while in the peaceful mythical forest of your enchanted dreams. Let the fairies & magical creatures cast a spell of peace & happiness over you, as you relax to the sounds of beautiful harp music. 

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my video '🎧 Peaceful Harp Music with Enchanted Forest Creatures, Fairies & Unicorns’. I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful harp music with its enchanting forest creatures. If you like this magical atmospheric music, make sure to add this page to your favorites. If you would like to follow me on my YouTube Channel: Peaceful Vibes, then make sure to subscribe & click the 'Bell' icon to receive notifications when I upload something new.

The magical atmospheric music in this video was adapted & remixed from the following source: Peaceful Forest 'Into Oblivion' Royalty Free Music by Darren-Curtis. Peaceful Forest "Into Oblivion" Royalty Free Music is licensed: CC BY 3.0

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