Gentle Piano With Sounds Of Birds Singing & Wind In The Trees

This gentle piano music is like a sweet lullaby, which will take you on a beautiful daydream to a very restful place. The peaceful piano music has been combined with the sounds of birds singing & the gentle rustle of the wind in the trees. This beautiful piano music is extremely relaxing & will have a profound calming effect on the listener. The sounds of wind in the trees & the birds singing will lift your spirit & relax your mind, allowing you to let go of any negative thoughts or emotions.

Relax & unwind to this gentle piano music, let the sounds of birds singing & the wind in the trees take you on a journey through the forest of your imagination. Let yourself drift into a pleasant daydream. Imagine taking a refreshing walk in the woods on a gorgeous summer day. The sun trickling through the tree leaves & branches above you, cascading beautiful rays of warm healing sunshine all around you. Let the music & sounds tease your senses. As you take a moment, to listen to these peaceful sounds, it almost seems like the trees are talking to each other, their leaves whispering age-old secrets, as the birds sing within their branches & go pleasantly about their day. This is your time now, your own personal time, to let go of your day, let go of all your concerns & thoughts, let them float away like butterflies playing in the breeze.

This gentle piano music is played at the healing frequency of 432 Hz, which will help raise your positive vibrations and remove negative energy. The music also includes a low volume binaural beat of 4.5 Hz, to help promote a healing theta state. The beautiful piano music with sounds of wind in the trees & birds singing is perfect for rest, sleep, relaxation & meditation.

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