Namaste - Healing Progressive Energy Chakra Meditation Music

This is a special extended version of the Chakra meditation music: Namaste. The music is over an hour-long & has a very healing progressive energy build-up, which is perfect for the manipulation of Chakra energy. The relaxing Namaste music starts off quite gently, but then slowly but surely builds upon itself, increasing its healing effect. The progressive meditation music has been combined with a colorful Chakra animation to help increase the power & intensity of the energy build-up within this beautiful music.

The person meditating upon this Namaste music should imagine healing energy coming from the center of the planet earth, up through their root Chakra. Then slowly but surely imagine that energy building within themselves, going up through each Chakra point until finally, it pierces their crown Chakra & goes up into the heavens (or sun) to be healed & purified. They should then imagine the energy pouring back down upon themselves, healing each Chakra as it goes, before eventually pouring back through their root Chakra & into the earth. They should then repeat the cycle of Chakra energy again & again until the Namaste music ends.

This healing progressive energy chakra meditation music & the above visualization can also be combined with the yoga breath "Breath Of Fire". The Breath Of Fire can be used to help build the feeling of the energy within the meditator. Done correctly this exercise & visualization can become more of a Kundalini or Tantric experience for the person meditating.

If you are curious to learn more about Chakra energy & where each Chakra point is situated within the body, please follow the link below:

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This Music has been adapted & remixed from the following source: 'Namaste' by Jason Shaw (music by 'Namaste' is licensed: CC BY 3.0

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